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                 MIKE SHUTTLEWORTH





                MIKE   FOLTYN

Click on a pic to get to know the members of Divided Highway

Divided Highway has been rocking the Midwest since 2005!   They cover a wide variety of classic to modern rock.  
All four members of DH come from years of rocking smoke-filled taverns and possesses a sincere love for entertaining their fans. All four contribute to the band with amazing vocal performances with a backdrop of mind-blowing guitar, bass, keyboard and drum licks that leave audiences speechless. The DH power house is truly a must see event!
The killer combo continues to WOW the local music scene and plays over 100 shows a year.
Former members of DH include founding members Mike Sesvold and Brandon Onstad, Jim Heineman, and Anthony Robarge. All of the former members are great friends of the band and often come back for cameo appearances.
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